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Rules and Regulations

The City of Moab defers to FAA Commercial Operation Guidelines  for the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).  Anyone wishing to operate any UAS for hobby or commercial purposes must confirm that operations are permitted in a given location and adhere to all applicable guidelines, local, state and federal laws CFR Part 107 Database (UAS regulations) 

Operators must also check with the land use administrating body about other possible requirements such as permits and insurance.

National Parks

The operation of drones inside national parks is strictly prohibited. National Park Regulations

State Parks

The operation of drones inside state parks is prohibited except during certain seasons and only after proper permits are acquired.

For further information please see:  Utah State Parks Regulations

US Forest Service Lands

For information on the US Forest Service UAS Policy refer to: US Forest Service Policy

USFS/UAS Desk Guide (see p.10 for commercial use specifics)

Bureau of Land Management Lands (BLM)

For information on the Utah BLM Office UAS Policy: FAA Commercial Operation Guidelines

Moab BLM Office 

Sharon Brussell


Other Resources

FAA drone pilot app B4UFLY

For additional questions please contact:

Film Commission Director

Bega Metzner

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